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The Sundrop Garden aspires to new approaches to creating all things music, art, business, lifestyle, and live musical gatherings by encouraging sustainable living through the energies we choose to interact with in our daily lives. The gatherings focus on promoting local eco-friendly brands, endemic plants, and heirloom seeds of the gathering’s geographic location, while saving us from mundane routines by reminding us of the magic of spontaneity.

We hope to support local sustainable brands and organisations to share their vision as we invite them to display their products and missions through their own booths in an area before reaching the entrance of the gallery. So that everyone who will come to the event for the music, may leave the space as a more environmentally-friendly human being.

The following questions come in two parts. Part one asks mandatory questions about your brand. Part two helps both parties explore the sustainable direction of your brand so we may promote you in alignment with our values at the Sundrop Garden. It may look overwhelming at first. Just try to answer to the best of your ability. You may also skip this section entirely if you choose.


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1. What Policies are in place to monitor and manage your supply chain regarding environmental issues? Please check the items that apply. *
2. What type of sustainable packaging/shipping materials do you use? Please check the items that apply. *
3. Does your company have a Green Transportation Plan for your operation? Please check the items that apply. *
4. What does your company do to minimize the environmental costs associated with shipping? Please check the items that apply. *
5. Does your company have an environmental policy statement? Please check the items that apply. *
6. Has your company ever been cited for non-compliance of an environmental or safety issue? Please check the item that applies. *
7. What programs do you have in place, or planned for promoting resource efficiency? (i.e. an environmental or waste audit)? Please check the items that apply. *
8. If you are providing a product, does the manufacturer of the product that you are bidding/proposing have an environmental policy statement? Please check the item that applies. *
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