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Sundrop Garden 活動是以環保/永續與療癒為主軸出發,


Sundrop Gatherings 專注於推廣當地環保品牌,特有植物,以能量傳遞與互動,同時通過提醒我們自發性地來拯救我們平凡的日常生活。以永續發展,與環境保育愛護的她是新興崛起的一顆最真實的寶石,醉人的聲線與新時代藍調靈魂風格,加上帶點實驗的音頻與環境音,((( O ))) 是這個音樂時代裡的一股清流,一道強而有力的能量正在慢慢滲透這個世界。

Sundroppers是The Sundrop Garden的團隊。我們使用游擊營銷的方式來嘗試創造的想法,在合適的人群中培養有意義的好奇心,這樣他們的旅程在前往Sundrop Garden和Gatherings的途中變得更加神奇。



The Sundrop Garden inspires new approaches to creating all things music, art, business, lifestyle, and live musical gatherings by encouraging sustainable living through the energies we choose to interact with in our daily lives. 

The popup Sundrop Gatherings focus on promoting local eco-friendly brands, endemic plants, and heirloom seeds of the gathering’s geographic location, while saving us from mundane routines by reminding us of the magic of spontaneity.

Sundroppers are the street team of The Sundrop Garden. We use guerilla marketing to experiment with creative ideas with planting meaningful curiosity in the right people, so that their journey becomes more magical and unique on their way to the Sundrop Garden and Gatherings. Our mission to return to nature is the “x” on the map through this experiential communication.

Sundroppers @ Gathering ((( 1 )))
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