THANK YOU for signing up to be a part of the Sundrop Garden street team. The Sundrop Garden uses guerilla marketing to experiment with creative ideas with planting meaningful curiosity in the right people, so that their journey becomes more magical on their way to the Sundrop Garden and Gatherings. Using our mission to return to nature as the “x” on the map of this experiential communication. We like to call our street team “Sundroppers”, for short.

THE SUNDROP GARDEN inspires new approaches to creating all things music, art, business, lifestyle, and live musical gatherings by encouraging sustainable living through the energies we choose to interact with in our daily lives. The popup Sundrop Gatherings focus on promoting local eco-friendly brands, endemic plants, and heirloom seeds of the gathering’s geographic location, while saving us from mundane routines by reminding us of the magic of spontaneity.


  1. Download SimpleCrew and register, unless Facebook groups and messaging have been chosen to be used in alternative.

  2. Download facebook messenger & facebook groups

  3. Confirm SimpleCrew email to The Sundrop Garden

  4. Need smart phone during offline marketing

  5. Do’s

    1. Answer questions about who ((( O ))) is and where to find her music: or on Spotify: The Sundrop Garden will help with the search ((( O )))

    2. Upload all online and offline works to Simple Crew/facebook messenger

  6. Don’ts

    1. ——-!


  1. Posters

  2. Flyers

  3. Business Cards


  1. Website

  2. Posters for show

  3. Press release for show


The Sundrop Garden
Gathering ((( 1 ))), Manila, Philippines
((( O )))

Yuyu (Official Music Video) -
Creation (Official Music Video) -
Higher -
Silence -



  1. Increase engagement thru social media/facebook/instagram

  2. Spread the word about Gathering ((( 1 ))), Taiwan and upcoming album on other like-minded message boards, in chat rooms, local music lists, and other forums.

  3. Comment on blogs writing about Gathering ((( 1 ))), Taiwan or like-minded artists.

  4. Invite people to Facebook events and also to Facebook band pages with the “Suggest to Friends” button.

  5. Share The Sundrop Garden YouTube/Vimeo Videos, on Social Networks, Forums, and Groups. Comment on content

  6. Recommend music on sites relative to Taiwan

  7. Create fb events and invite friends

  8. Share recent press or soundcloud/youtube link for artists upcoming in calendar

  9. Share event fliers on fb and tag friends

  10. Local Concerts Calendar Group on facebook. or message boards. similar genres

  11. The Make-Your-Own-Calendar Trick: manage a local concerts calendar group on FB (or message boards), and include all the local concerts relevant to a particular genre. Place a section below for Gathering ((( 1 ))).

  12. Message niche board sites

  13. Create individual threads hyping it up and getting a discussion going around the solo event.


  1. hand to hand flyers and sampling: take list of relevant upcoming shows in the region. 2 team members per show with guest list spots and a couple hundred fliers each. exit on encore and post up by exit of concert outside to hand out fliers. target local concertgoers

  2. Flyers/posters at coffee shops, cafes, restaurants

  3. Community bulletin boards

  4. Chalking (for college campuses)


  1. Street promotion online and/or offline, assigned by Street-team leader:

    • Posters in bars (bar gets incentive of 2 regular tickets) + post to SimpleCrew

    • Search similar events through facebook events for locations to pass business cards out to after show

    • Social media coverage

    • Sundropper avails:

      • Access to Soundcheck

      • Admit one Meet & Greet pass into LISTENING GALLERY and MUSIC GATHERING:

        • 1 drink

        • 1 Print Screen on your fabric

        • Meet & Greet @ 11pm

        • Fabric & vinyl signing (of your name in her coded language).

  2. For every 5 tickets sold:

    1. Avail +1 Event Ticket

(that take no more than 20 minutes a week)

  1. Google Docs (viewable)


  1. SimpleCrew - focus on photos. take photos of the work you’re doing in the field, and send them to The Sundrop Garden.