The Sundrop Garden inspires new approaches to creating all things music, art, business, lifestyle, and live musical gatherings by encouraging sustainable living through the energies we choose to interact with in our daily lives. 

The popup Sundrop Gatherings focus on promoting local eco-friendly brands, endemic plants, and heirloom seeds of the gathering’s geographic location, while saving us from mundane routines by reminding us of the magic of spontaneity.

Gathering ((( 1 ))) is a series of gatherings celebrating the unpronounceable artist ((( O )))’s long-awaited debut harvest of Sundrop ((( 1 ))). In the Listening Gallery, there will be one room representing each moondrop (12 tracks) on the sundrop (album). We invite local attendees to discover their own native plants of the Philippines in their natural environment that is visually projected on the walls of each room. We do this to shed valuable light on our inherited identity, from the root, to the next generation, and how to be responsible for our hidden treasures.

We also hope to support local sustainable brands and organisations to share their vision as we invite them to display their products and missions through their own booths in an area before reaching the entrance of the gallery. So that everyone who will come to the event for the music, will be able to leave the space as a more environmentally-friendly human being.

We hope to align with partners with similar vision. Thank you for being here and supporting this cause, in the name of music, art, nature, and lifestyle.

Speaker / Workshops @ The Listening Gallery
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