Art Installations at @ The Listening Gallery:
Gathering ((( 1 ))) is a series of gatherings celebrating the unpronounceable artist ((( O )))’s long-awaited debut harvest of Sundrop ((( 1 ))). In the Listening Gallery, there will be one room representing each moondrop (12 tracks) on the sundrop (album).

Plants @ The Listening Gallery
We invite local attendees to discover their own native plants of the Philippines in their natural environment that is visually projected on the walls of each room. We do this to shed valuable light on our inherited identity, from the root, to the next generation, and how to be responsible for our hidden treasures.

Objective of art installations:
encourage artists to think more creatively in a sustainable direction with their creative-process by opting to reuse than consume, thus becoming more responsible and resourceful with the connection from where the resources came and how they are used and resused or disposed of..T

The Space of the entire Gallery:
30M x 30M

Moon Rooms - Click here for the vision of each room
- Moondrop (track on the album) playing on silent-disco headphones,
followed by curated binaural beats playing for 5 minutes.
- 360 degree room projections
- Native plants and their descriptions

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-16 at 9.34.16 AM.jpeg

a private code of Sundrop ((( 1 ))) will be sent to your email (expires in 1 week).

- art relating to vibe of moondrop (track)
- creating sustainable art
- cost-effective resourcing
- reuse materials only
- fits in a room this size: ??????

- able to setup installation within 6 hours.
- budget per installation is P5,000
- no buying of materials

- 3k (for students)
- 5k (for established artists)

Provided day of show:
- green room
- catering

Proposal should include:
- chosen moondrop room
- a description of your overall idea and how it connects to the moondrop
- how does it fulfill the objective of creating art in a sustainable way
- materials needed and costs
- the origin of materials
- how to properly dispose or reuse installation/materials after listening gallery
- timeline of execution (june-august)
- Deadline of proposal: July 30, 2019

Please submit your proposal for approval in the form below:

Installation Artist @ The Listening Gallery
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